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Harrison Student Fights for Grades

Harrison Student Fights for Grades

Josh Corsi

October 20, 2017

In September, HHS student Alexis Juncaj, 10, formed a petition to reverse the new grading system’s rule of not having the students’ percentages in the grade book.  ...

Harrison High Begins Its End

Harrison High Begins Its End

Jordan Whaley

October 20, 2017

After a reign of 47 years, Farmington Public Schools has officially announced the closure of Harrison High School in the summer of 2019 due to multiple factors within the ...

Students Address Injustice with Pledge of Allegiance

Students Address Injustice with Pledge of Allegiance

October 16, 2017

In light of recent NFL protests during the playing of the national anthem, many more Americans have decided to call attention, on a smaller scale, to injustices they may see. Here at HHS, students have...

2015 Top Academics

June 8, 2015

Marina Kashat Marina says her sister pushes her to be successful, as it's not only about studying but also listening and taking notes while lectures are in session. Kashat managed to attain a job while...

Do You Feel Safe at Your Hospital?

Do You Feel Safe at Your Hospital?

June 5, 2015

In January of 2012, Bimla Nayyar lost her life due to Dearborn's Oakwood Hospital performing the wrong surgery. Nayyar was at the hospital to get surgery on her jaw but instead received brain surgery,...

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Do You Know Your Varsity Softball Team?

Damia Morse, Staff Writer

May 28, 2015

You may know your football team, you may know your baseball team, and you may even know your soccer team, but do you know your softball team? The Harrison Varsity Softball Team is one of the most underrated...

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College Visits Are Important For All Students

Holly Zumbrunnen

October 20, 2017

Many students at HHS are taking part in college visits in order to become informed about different colleges. These visits take place at various times throughout fall, and are great ways to gain knowledge about different colleges. On October 1...

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  • Hands June 8, 2016

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  • Who has Cliff?

    Cast Emma McKay(Mother of Cliff) Cliff McKay(Son of Emma and Russell) Russell Malone (Cliffs dad) Irene Marchette (Sister of Claire) C...

  • Brick by Brick

    Brick by Brick

  • Nightmare in the Forest

    It was a breezy night, maybe around forty degrees out, but there was an immense fog out around the forest, which made it feel warmer for some reason...

  • The VQ Drill

    The VQ Drill

  • Siren on the High Seas

    “Oi! You awake?” I, startled awake, hurriedly poked my head over the side of the crow’s nest, smoothing down my ragged hair as I did so. “A...

  • The Leprechaun

          His name was Angus, and sailing was his favorite thing in the world.       He was on a trade ship, the Leprechaun, and it was ...

  • Saving the Time Convenient Beautiful

    The museum was going to be perfect. All 195 countries held pageants to ensure it was, and only the most beautiful and best from each were chosen. T...

  • Shadow in the Night-Time

    It was two in the morning and I slowly walked through the woods to get home, stopping every three minutes to throw up. It was foggy and I couldn't see...

  • “The Lake”

                                                                                   There was a house on the wat...

  • A Hypothetical World as Seen Through Invisible Eyes

    Jo Wilson lived in an invisible house, on an invisible street, in an invisible universe. All of her friends and family were invisible, and when they p...

The news site of Harrison High School.
The news site of Harrison High School.