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Shadow in the Night-Time

Tori Liggans, Fiction Writer

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forestIt was two in the morning and I slowly walked through the woods to get home, stopping every three minutes to throw up. It was foggy and I couldn’t see much, but I followed the sounds of the footsteps of someone else ahead of me. Except the footsteps of the other man became more and more faint.

Everything was blurry, but I noticed the man stopped and started walking towards me. I thought he was coming to help, so I didn’t try to scream. That all changed when I tripped over the body of his first victim.

I was in such a shock that my entire body felt paralyzed. I began to back away slowly, keeping my eyes on the shadow that stood before me.


Hearing his voice sent chills down my spine. I turned and began to run with my back now facing this shadow in the night. I was alone with no one to help; it was just me and this psychopath that I knew I could never escape. I eventually stopped after what felt like hours of running. I felt a sigh of relief when I stopped because I could no longer hear his loud footsteps. This moment was shortly lived because I knew exactly where he was because I could feel his piercing cold breath blow on my neck. I turned quickly and everything went black.

I don’t know what happened, but now I know- never walk in the woods when the shadows come out!

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Shadow in the Night-Time