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The Leprechaun

Isabella Mastantuono, Fiction Writer

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ship_1_t      His name was Angus, and sailing was his favorite thing in the world.

      He was on a trade ship, the Leprechaun, and it was headed for Barbados with a haul full of… actually, no one but the captain knew. The crew was promised a fortune each if they manned this mystery ship, so they did.

      Angus was the lookout. He would climb up onto the little platform with a telescope and look for land or other ships. He did this a couple times a day, even though he didn’t have too. He was doing this when the captain went calling for him.

      “Angus!” he called.

      Angus heard him, but he was surprised. The captain couldn’t have known his name, nobody on the ship did. They weren’t allowed to exchange anything but job titles.

      “Coming sir!” Angus called back, climbing down the ladder.

      The captain met him at the bottom.

      “Angus, is that your name?” he said.

      “Yes sir,” Angus replied. “What can I do for you?”

      “I need you to check on the cargo.”

      Angus was even more surprised. He was suddenly alarmed.

      “Yo boy, did you hear me?”

      “Yes sir.”

      The captain nodded once and left. Angus realized he didn’t know what to do. The captain only said check. Did that mean make sure it was still there? He decided to go anyway.

      The stairs that lead down to the haul creaked with every step. It was dark and smelled like mildew. He made it to the bottom and held up his light.

      It revealed a bunch of wooden boxes, all large enough to fit a full grown man.

      “I wonder what treasures these hold,” he thought aloud.

      He went to the nearest one and opened it. He saw the contents and let out a shriek. Inside was a dead man with a bullet hole in his head.

      “Find what you’re looking for?” the voice was that of the captain.

      “Who is he?” Angus asked.

      “He was the cook,” the captain said. “He overcooked my steak.”

      Angus had a sudden realization.

      “What did I do wrong?” he asked.

      “Your name is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”

      Angus took a step back. The captain drew his pistol and pulled the trigger.

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The Leprechaun