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Nightmare in the Forest

Charles G., Fiction Writer

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It was a breezy night, maybe around forty degrees out, but there was an immense fog out around the forest, which made it feel warmer for some reason. Being three in the morning and being bored and wide awake, because of my night shift at work I just got off of, I decided to go out into the forest to take a walk.

I started walking, the fog was so thick I could barely see anything. I draw and paint a lot, so I was hoping to find inspiration out in the forest for my art, that is until I heard it break the silence.

A loud blood-curdling scream let loose. I jumped so hard I fell back. Headlights came from behind me getting closer and closer. Looking for an escape route, I scanned around me in a panic, and not being able to see my house because of the fog, I climbed the tree next to me in hopes of getting above the fog.

I was at least eight feet up when the car got to my tree and stopped. My heart was practically outside of my chest. The car stopped and stood idle for what it felt to be two hours but was actually ten minutes. It started back up again and drove away. I took a deep breath then exhaled in relief. As I looked up I saw it right next to me, staring into my soul with its red beady eyes.

It lunged at me.

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Nightmare in the Forest