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Who has Cliff?

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Emma McKay(Mother of Cliff)

Cliff McKay(Son of Emma and Russell)

Russell Malone (Cliffs dad)

Irene Marchette (Sister of Claire)

Chris Bussichio ( Bar Manager)

Derek Shepherd (Smoker outside)

Jason Reynolds (Patrick’s real name)

Patrick Wilson (Alias) (“Emma’s boyfriend”)

Sarah Wilson (Alias)  (Patrick’s wife)

Steve Sanders (Patrick’s real name)

Clare Sanders (sarah’s real name)

Officer Jones (Police Officer that’s investigating the case)

Elena Salvatore (babysitter)


*Emma, late for work, rushing Cliff to the car to take him to the babysitter, but as they are walking to the car, her phone rings, it’s Claire, the babysitter.*


Elena: “Miss McKay, I’m so sorry, but I can’t watch Cliff today, I have to take my dog to the vet, he cut his paw on a piece of glass in the road on our morning walk, I’m really sorry.”

Emma: “Oh my god, I’m so sorry for your dog, but I need someone to watch Cliff, okay I’ll let you go so you can take care of your dog, I’m about to be so late for work, thanks for letting me know Elena hope Macy gets better soon.”

Cliff: “Mommy..”

Emma:“Yes, honey?”

Cliff: “I’m hungry!”

Emma: “Ok sweetie, mommy is trying to get her life together so hold on”. “Wanna see if you can go play at Aunt Irene’s house?”

Cliff: “Yes mommy!”

Emma: “Okay, let me ask right now.”

*phone rings*

Emma: “Hey Irene, it’s Emma, I was wondering if Cliff could come over and you watch him for me for a little while please?”

Irene: “Hey sis I would but, today I’m going to the mall and run a few more errands I’m sorry.”

Emma: “Okay it’s fine, have a great day love you.”

Irene: “I love you more sis.”

Emma: “ I guess you’re coming to work with me today Cliff.” “Hopefully my boss won’t mind.”

*A few moments later, Emma is at work talking her boss about how she had to bring Cliff.*


Emma: “ Cliff, mommy needs you to sit right here behind the counter and u can eat these pineapples while she goes and talks to her boss.”  

Cliff: “ Okay mommy.”

   *Emma goes into the back to talk with her boss. When she comes back to check on Cliff she can’t find him anywhere. She starts to panic.*

Emma:“ Has anyone seen my son!” She yelled through the bar.

No one responded.

*She started looking everywhere, under tables, in the bathrooms, by the tvs. There was just no sign of him at all.*


*A few hours later at interrogation*

(Emma is crying loudly)

Police Officer: “Listen, ma’am we really want to find your son but the first 48hrs of a kidnapping are crucial to our investigation.”

Emma: “Okay okay ask me anything just please find my son.”

Police Officer: “Is there anyone you had altercations with recently? Anyone who would want to harm you or your son?”

Emma: “No….I don’t know, I don’t remember”

Police Officer: “Anything you can remember will help us out.”

Emma: “My ex, cliffs father we are always arguing over what days we have, but he would never take Cliff away like this…”

Police Officer: “Sometimes it’s the people you don’t suspect, we need to look into any lead you could have.”

Emma: “When we looked through the surveillance footage there is a man, Derek Shepherd, he always stands outside the bar and smokes, maybe he saw something.”

Police Officer: “Alright anyone else.”
Emma: “My sister Irene is always saying that I’m not a good mother because i’m always working but she wouldn’t do this to me.”

Police Officer: “Anyone else thats in your sons life at school or  anything.”

Emma: “I have a new boyfriend named Patrick Wilson….. I doubt that he had anything to do with it.”

Police Officer: “ Is it alright if we look him up in the system just to make sure that he is not a suspect?”

Emma: “That’s totally fine he has nothing to hide.”

Police Officer: “ We just want to make sure that he isn’t hiding anything.”

Emma: “Like I said he has nothing to hide so go ahead.”


*Emma finally leaves the police department and gets into the car and just starts crying. Don’t be mistaken the fact that she is also mad so she decides to call Cliff’s dad Russell just to make sure he didn’t kidnap Cliff.*


Emma: “ Hello Russell.”

Russell: “ Hey can I call you back. I’m in the middle of something!”

Emma: “ What are you trying to hide?”

Russell: “ Nothing I’m just really busy at the moment. Is there something wrong with Cliff?”

Emma: “ Yes but how about you tell me what happend with him since you have him with you right now!”

Russell: “What are you talking about? I don’t have Cliff, where is my son? Ask your new boyfriend?”

Emma: “How did you find out about that?”

Russell: “That’s all Cliff has been talking about.”

Emma: “I can’t ask him because he is on his way to Dubai right now for a business trip.”

Russell: “Are you sure about that?”

Emma: “What are you implying Russell. That he is lying about where he is going?”

*Under his breath*

Russell: “Maybe he kidnapped Cliff.”

Emma: “ Why do you say that!?”

Russell: “I don’t have time for this!”

Emma: “Whatever. Bye!”


 *Emma hangs up the phone with Russell. She’s getting even more upset. She thinks about calling Patrick her boyfriend to see if he knows anything, but as she went to dial the number the police called her with information.*


Officer Jones: “ Hi Emma, I looked up your boyfriends name and we can’t find any sign of Patrick Wilson.”

Emma: “How can that be!?”

Officer Jones: “Are you sure you know your boyfriend well?”

Emma: “Yes I do. Why would you say that?”

Officer Jones: “Well, what it looks like to me is that he must be hiding something from you to lie about his real name. Do you know anyone in his family?”

Emma: “ No. I never got the chance to meet them yet. He’s told me the names of his parents. And that’s about it.”

Officer Jones: “What are their names?”

Emma: “Steve Sanders and Clare Sanders”

Officer Jones: “Ok. This is good information”

Emma: “Could it help find my son!?”

Officer Jones: “You’re going to be surprised when I say this, but Steve and Clare Sanders are a middle aged couple. So this might be Patrick and this also might mean he’s married.”

Emma: “MARRIED!”

Officer Jones: “Yes ma’am. It also says they they’ve have been trying to have kids for a while but has never been successful.”

Emma: “This can’t be real.”

Officer Jones: “Why don’t you give “Patrick” a call then call me back and tell me what he says. Also if there’s a possibility of you recording your conversation to see if we can see/hear anything odd.”

Emma: “Alright. I will, thank you so much.”


*Emma hangs up the phone. She doesn’t know if she wants to scream or cry even more or even punch something. She can’t believe that her boyfriend could of been lying to her their whole relationship. So she does what the police officer told her to do and call him*


Patrick: “Hey Babe!”

Emma: “Cut the crap Patrick or Marc or Jeremy whatever your name is! Where’s Cliff?”

Patrick: “ What are you talking about honey? Is everything alright? I don’t know where Cliff is but what happened to him?”



*As they are arguing on the phone, Emma hears someone talking in the background*


“Who is that talking in the background huh? Is that your wife? Yea I know about her and I also know that your real name is Steve Sanders. When were you going to tell me that you are married?”

Patrick: “How did you find out that I was married?”

Emma: “So it is true?”

Patrick: “Yea it’s true but I was going to tell you at our dinner date on Saturday.”

Emma: “ You can forget about that. I can’t  trust you anymore. And to think I thought you were going to propose to me at dinner.”

Patrick: “I Love You Emma and I see a future with you but I needed time.”

Emma: “Trust me you will get time. Also where is my son Cliff?”

Patrick: “What did you just say….. The connection is breaking up……Hello….. Emma.”


*As the phone connection was “breaking up” Emma started to get this knot in her stomach. She began talking to herself out loud.*


Emma: “Maybe if I go to his house then i will hopefully find Cliff there. Also if that ugly wife of his touches my son then I’m going to beat her A$$! I don’t have time for this. I just want my son back.


*Emma calls the police officer to tell him that she talked to “Patrick”.*


Emma: “Hello?”

Police Officer: “Hi Emma, did you talk to “Patrick?”

Emma: “Yes I did. He said that he did lie to me that his name was Patrick and that he was married. I heard someone talking in the back so I’m going over there now to see if Cliff is there.”

Officer Jones: “I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to go over there. It could end up very dangerous.”

Emma: “Well I want to find my son and nobody is helping me not even his own father! Everyone seems to be to busy to be helping me.”

Officer Jones: “ma’am I’m trying my best to help you. Just calm down and we will find him. I’m coming with you to his house. I don’t want anything to happen to you if you go alone.

Emma: “This is the address……”

*Ten minutes later she arrives at Jason’s house. Emma see two cars in the driveway and a car seat in one of the cars. She also doesn’t even think to wait for Officer Jones to arrive to go inside with her. So Emma walks up to the front door.*


Patrick: “Uh Emma?” What are you doing here?”

Emma: “I know you’re hiding in here.” “WHERE IS HE?!”

Patrick: “He’s not here, and you can’t just show up to my house like this.”

Emma: “I can do whatever I want, now where is he?!”

Sarah: “What’s going on here?”

Patrick: “She’s crazy, I keep telling her to leave and she won’t.”

Emma: “I’m not leaving until I get my son back.”

Patrick: “Your son is not here, why would I steal your son?”

Emma: “Because I know you Patrick, and I know that you are up to no good.”

Cliff: “Mommy!”

*Patrick grabs Cliff*


Emma: (in shock) “Cliff! it’s okay baby mommy’s here.”

Cliff: *looks up at patrick* “I wanna go home Patrick.”

Emma: “Patrick please he’s just a kid please don’t hurt him.”

Patrick: “Cliff isn’t going to get hurt. Don’t worry about that. I would never hurt cliff


*Sarah walks in with a gun*


Steve: “Clare honey what are you doing?”

Clare: “She’s going to take away our baby Steve. We can’t let her take away our baby.”

Emma: “Clare please, please understand he is only 5 and he needs his mother.”

Clare: “You’re not his mother anymore, Steve take Cliff to the playroom and turn the tv on loud!”


*Cliff starts screaming for Emma and kicking in Patrick’s arms*


Emma: “No please! Please you can’t do this.”

Clare: *Gun clicks* Don’t even try to move or I will shoot you.”


*Steve comes back from locking Cliff in playroom.*


Clare: “Steve tie her down now.”


*Steve grabs hiking rope from closet and ties Emma to chair in dining room*


Clare: “Alright now where are we going to do this I don’t want blood on my floors”

Emma: *Screaming through duck tape* *clare hits her across the head with base of gun*

Clare: “Keep your mouth shut! You’re disgusting, it’s enough I had to deal with my husband kissing you but the way you treated Cliff abandoning him to go to the bar you deserve to die.”


*Emma starts to cry silently*


Clare: “Let’s do it outside.”


*Steve starts pulling Emma to the back door when all of a sudden a loud sound of car pulling into the driveway is heard.*


Clare: “Who is that?? Steve?! Who is here?

Steve: “How am I supposed to know??”

Clare: “Go check right now, (she puts the gun up to Clare’s head) and you not one sound do you hear me.”

*Steve opens the door and a man is standing in the doorway, this man is Russell, Steve has met him once before when Emma was picking up Cliff.*


Russell: “Patrick Where is Emma?! What have you done to my son?”

Steve: “Russell I don’t know what you’re talking about I haven’t seen Emma all day.”

Russell: “Patrick or should I say Steve cut the lies I know everything. I had one of my guys at the police station do some investigating on you and your psychotic wife Clare, she was institutionalized for attempting to kidnap a newborn from the hospital.”

Steve: “Those files were sealed who gave you access I am suing you I’m suing everyone!”

Russell: “Everything can be found out now move out of my way where is Emma. Emma? Emma where are you!”

*Russell pushes Steve out of the way looking for Emma and finds her knocked out in the chair, he goes to untie her then feels the barrel of a gun on the back of his head hears it click into place.*


Clare: “Turn around slowly, no sudden movements.”


*Russell turns around and quickly, before Clare even knows what’s happening, bends Clare’s wrist and the gun falls to the floor Steve reaches for it but Clare picks it up first and runs to the playroom to get Cliff Russell knocks out Steve out then starts to untie Emma.*


Cliff: “Daddy daddy.”

Russell: “Cliff be careful!”


*Clare is running behind cliff trying to reach him but her wrist is injured and that’s how cliff got free she pulls the gun up.*


Clare: “Russell don’t touch cliff or I will kill you.”


*Emma reaches out to grab cliff and Clare aims the gun at Emma but her wrist spasms (should I use that word?? and she loses focus and cliff is shot in the back.*




*Russell already called the police before arriving at the Sanders’ home and the police arrived 3 minutes after cliff was shot, Clare was in shock shaking in the corner holding her head with her hands muttering “oh my god what have I done” over and over again, Steve was still knocked out, and Emma was able to stop most of the bleeding from the gunshot site, however Cliff lost a lot of blood and was bleeding internally as well, he was rushed to the hospital and an emergency surgery was performed, the bullet was lodged in between his T7 and T8 vertebrae and removing the bullet would cause him to be paralyzed for life, instead they nailed the bullet into place below the skin and injected a layer of fat to act as a cushion, he will have a small bump in his back for the rest of his life but he will be able to walk. Clare and Steve Sanders were arrested and found guilty on several counts. Clare was charged and convicted of premeditated kidnapping, and premeditated and attempted murder as well as attempted manslaughter  and will be serving a life sentence. Steve Sanders was charged with aiding in premeditated kidnapping and aiding in premeditated murder and will be serving a life sentence also. Russell and Emma are dating again and there are no more custody fights and Emma will never take Cliff to work with her at a bar again and everyone knew in her life  is given background checks to avoid anything like this from happening again.



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