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Prom Dress Code- Is It Fair?

Elizabeth Pappas, Student Writer

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Administration makes sure students purchasing prom tickets know the dress code.

Senior are focused on last days of high school, college acceptance letters and prom, the best night of your life, unless you don’t get let in.  At HHS the dress code for prom is clear cut. The students are even shown pictures when they purchase tickets of what is and isn’t allowed. 

“The dress code for prom is nothing new,” Vice Principal Angela Leach said. “Since prom is a dressy affair, we just emphasize the importance of dressing appropriately.”

Prom is more up-scale than other dances, so HHS is encouraging students to wear formal dresses/gowns and tuxedos. But proms everywhere are dealing with dress codes. Students, mainly girls, are given a list of what is acceptable and what is not. HHS students are not allowed to wear open backed or two piece dresses, your chest is not permitted to be exposed, and hats are not allowed.  

“It’s not made to stop people from wearing what they would like, it states that it must be appropriate and not too revealing,” Leach said.

When asked about the dress code seniors didn’t seem to have many problems. Senior Grace Hankes, agrees with it and said, “it’s not too restrictive, but it does make sure people aren’t revealing too much.”

Which is exactly what it is meant for. However, the latest trends in dresses having open backs and the commonly found two piece dress make the quest for the perfect dress within the limit harder to find. Which is why Leach decided to include a photo at the ticket table so students are aware of the certain types of dresses that are not allowed.

Although not all students agree. “A little tummy won’t hurt anybody,” Lauren Hurley, 12 said.

“Just as long as it isn’t too revealing,” Faith Berry, 12 said on the topic of showing off a little abdomen.

For the record, showing off your midriff is not allowed at the event.

Prom is meant to be a fun, enjoyable night. To make it even more breezy just be aware of your dress code and what is on it. It rarely causes an issue at prom because the dress code is widely know. Make sure to tell everyone you know that some designs are just not up to code for prom. It’s senior prom, and it’s going to be a blast if you are dressed to your best.


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Prom Dress Code- Is It Fair?