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HHS Dresses Up In Unique Halloween Costumes

Destiny Shedd

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Halloween at HHS is usually an outlet for the students to dress up and show their creative side. If you walked down HHS’ halls on October 31 you saw costumes galore, so unique you may want to try them yourself. Our school is so lucky that we have that freedom to dress up, as long as it’s an appropriate costume. Here are a few of the costumes that were eye catchers!   

Above: Juniors Alan Lichtenberg, Han Ting Wong, Melinda Hakaj, Danielle Nykanen, Rosie Burns-Pavlicas, Monique Holliman, and Madeline Carpenter







Left: Reece Fush,10 , superman

Below: Filip Jevtic,12, Banana, Tinesh Mahalingan,12, Indiana Jones














Below: AJ Wachuku,11, Batman



Below: Danielle Cunningham,12, Penny Wise/salt lady

Left: Cassidy  Schuetz  12, Cow girl













Below: Ms. Abner, Mickey/Minnie mouse

Below: Kylia Woodfolk,10, as Velma ” It was a simple costume to do last minute, and people where able to tell who I was even though I’m black.”

Below: Ms .Carden, Fashion police,  said “My fiance and I always plan out our costumes to match.”

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HHS Dresses Up In Unique Halloween Costumes