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Tatiaunna Dobbs, 12

Tatiaunna Dobbs, 12

Tatiaunna Dobbs, 12

Tatiuanna Dobbs, Staff Writer

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Imagine you wake in a room cover in all white.

There’s no one there but you.

Then, Boom! out of no where the room changes into liquid.

The liquid is moving up so fast that you are trap.

Suddenly you notice a red and green button on the floor.

You press the red button first, the water stops, but the green button lights up.

The room is not a room anymore, you are at the beach.

Everything looks beautiful, but looks can be deceiving.

Now there people smiling. laughing, and playing just as normal.

You look around and notice you are in a bathing suit, so you go out for a swim.

On your first step in the water you jerk away.

The water feels weird and slimy, so slimy it sticks to your skin.

Boom! You feel a grab pulling towards the deep end.

You are screaming but everyone continues to play.

You are dragged deep beneath the sea.

The strange part is you still can breath.

The water feels normal now, but you notice the same red and green buttons again.

This time you press the green button.

After pressing the green button the water gets dark and there’s a shadow.

A huge shadow! A scary shadow!

So scary you try to swim away, but your body doesn’t move.

At this point your fed,  want to go home, and go to sleep.

The shadow is shaped like a W.

When it appears,  it’s a creature with one eye, shaped like a A.

It has a scratch on the side of its body so deep it spells KEUP.

The creature goes to swallow you and when it opens it’s mouth you see the red and green buttons again.

This time both are flashing.

You press both and Boom!

Something happens.



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