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Goldilocks- the Epilogue

Franklin Li, Fiction Writer

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“Are you sure it’s alright for us to meet like this?” Asked a large silhouette.

“Don’t worry about it,” reassured the small, feminine figure, “we’ve been meeting like this for years, and so far, no one’s the wiser.”

“Well, If you say so Goldilocks,” said the bear-shaped silhouette. “Anyways, do you have the good stuff?”

“Haha,” laughed Goldilocks, “of course I do, Little Bear, I know you love the snacks I bring you.”

Face slightly psychotic, Goldilocks gestured towards the large, black, human-sized garbage bag. “Help yourself!”

Wasting no time, Little Bear tore open the bag with his dagger-like teeth. He roared with delight when he saw what Goldilocks had brought him this time.

“Do you like it?” Asked Goldilocks, “do you want to have a taste of this sweet, delicious, tender goodness?”

“Yes! Of course I would!” Said Little Bear.

“Mhhmmmhh!!!” Cried the tied up ten year old girl, tears streaming down her face. Her skin was pale from terror and was dotted with bluish-purple bruises gained from being dragged around in a trash bag.

“Where did you get such a nice delicacy?” Asked Little Bear has he sniffed the little girl’s blonde hair.

“This little wrench thought it would be a good idea to try and steal from me,” explained Goldilocks as she kicked the child in the ribs, “and since she was an orphan on the streets, it as easy to track her down to where she’s been staying and abduct her.”

The orphan was shaking now, thinking that she was going to die. ‘Mother, Father I’m coming to you now. Urchin, Rat, my friends on the street, I’m sorry for not saying goodbye,’ Thought the child to herself.

“What did she take from you?” Asked the bear.

“She stole my scone when I was walking down the street. Right out of nowhere, she ran by me and snatched my scone,” replied Goldilocks.

“Really? You would feed a small child, not even in her teens to a monster like me?” Asked Little Bear.

“Yep!” Smiled Goldilocks, “that’ll teach her a lesson on not to steal from me.”

Turning to the ties up child, Little Bear asked “Little brat, do you want to live?”

“Umm-hmm” nodded the child.

“Well then, go, run” said the bear as he sliced through the ropes with his claws, “ just remember, not all bears are monsters.”

Feeling as if she actually has a chance to live, the orphan girl ran.

“Really? You’re letting her go? Just like that?” Scowled Goldilocks.

“You know me,” said Little Bear, “I love it when my prey runs!” With that, Little Bear started to chase after the little girl.

Hearing a noise behind her, the orphan turned around. The last thing she saw was a mouth full of razor sharp teeth coming down towards her face.

“Thanks for the snack,” said Little Bear a few moments later.

“No problem!” Said Goldilocks, “besides, it’s also very entertaining for me to watch and listen. Same time next month?


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Goldilocks- the Epilogue