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Margy Dikova, Poet

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Senior Art Show piece for  Deante Lipscomb

Senior Art Show piece for Deante Lipscomb

The hands of a human are beautiful

So much magnificence controlled by the will of a human

Creations made by us can be powerful

Yet so many possible ways to be used only known by few men


Strokes of a gentle brush swiftly moving to project the mind of the individual

A pleasant caress with implications of admiration

As time flows like a windy breeze while your demands, the abilities of your hands being more mystical than our race treats them as

How powerful, a satisfying graze along the hairs of a dog can create elation among others


The hands of a human are harmful

So much power allowed to a dangerous kind

Creations made by us can be mournful

These lethal objects to place humans as the mastermind species


The quick flick of our wrists to slither among human skins and leave its trail stained

An aggressive slash of one’s cheek to signify wrath

The destruction of enemies to reign victorious and dominant, as the enemy must suffer blood rained onto their home

How powerful,  A single command between the brain and hand being obeyed can produce a world lusted by a psychopath


Human hands, gentle yet ghastly

To engulf a blank canvas with colors that enchant or to paint the concept of peace with a palette of gore

Although reality is wondrous, you most likely will find it to be nasty

The power hands have, to bitterly sculpt life and death and how these functional tools can decide initiate war


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