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Tatiaunna Dobbs, Staff Writer

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At this point Cam’Ren Packer is stressed.

High school is a big development of who you are and who you will become. Here you may experience break-ups, popularity, bullying, and stress. In most cases, stress is a big part of  high school. No matter the grade, a student is capable of receiving stress.

Stress is very important and can cause depression or other health or mental issues. This occurs when the student is brought down by their stress and lacks happiness.

To eliminate stress students should relax their minds and think positively. To relax your mind you could do yoga or do something that makes you calm. Following this, completing assignments on time, minding your own business, staying away from drama, helping others, and building a relationship with your teachers and fellow students helps to remove stress. Each act of positivism encourages one to do better and push forward to their goals.

By eliminating stress students feel comfortable coming to school. Students become more involved in class activities because the weight of stress is removed from their shoulders. Following this, creating a bond with teachers and staff becomes better. For example, a student may raise their hand to answer a question instead of being afraid to answer because they think their answer might be wrong. Overall, reducing stress motivates students to complete tasks and meet their daily goals. In fact, relieving stress encourages students to build their memory and complete task more efficiently.  

Here a freshmen gives their point of view of stress in high school.

Is stress a big part of high school?

Freshman Cam’Ren Packer said, ” I feel that high school is stress. Especially as a freshman. You have a lot of pressure on you to do the best you can and show everyone that you are willing to fight. And of course you deal with a lot of other things, and being a freshman means you still have an immature mindset, so a lot of the things stated above play a huge role in high school.”

Shivani Schumake, 10 gives her reasoning to high school stress. “Stress is a big part of high school because when you leave middle school you’re entering early adulthood,” Schumake said. ” Once you are in high school, you no longer have standard problems. Instead, there’s more homework, drama, and different social issues created in high school. Therefore, your main focus should be your future and going to college.”

Junior Tyler Kovalcik said, “Stress is a massive part of high school, probably more than it should be. We’re treated as children all the way up until junior year when they spin around and decide we need to act like adults and ridicule us when we don’t understand. We’re caught between keeping our grades up and finding ourselves as a person, and teachers seem to not understand that.”

Senior Armani Taylor said, “I believe high school is stressful because I have transferred almost year by year. Second, remaining academically focused and maintaining to live as a ward of state makes the stress worse. Not having any friends or support from a new school during my senior year is difficult. Sometimes I feel that I am better off staying at home and doing online school because I’m different in so many ways. This year I will be graduating, but I won’t be able to graduate the way I want, which makes me feel alone. Therefore, I’m just doing what I am told, which is to go to school and do my work. Overall, this repetitive routine of my everyday life on top of my personal life can be very stressful.”


As a senior, my freshman experience was very stressful. I was unfamiliar with the classes and the workload was ridiculous. On top of that, I participated in sports, so I didn’t really have time to get my homework done and go to practice. Second, there was drama and this was annoying because I didn’t wanna deal with it. As a result I chose the books over sports to reduce this stress. Therefore if this is you, do what is best for you! Don’t let stress get the best of you. Just make sure the decisions you make are smart and lead to a positive outcome for you. Take a deep breath and relax because everything will be okay.

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