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Sophomores Sliding

Jordan Whaley, Staff Writer

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Beginning high school can be nerve-racking, exciting, and a time for new experiences. In sophomore year, students have settled into high school and the tension is gone, it’s easy to get too comfortable. That’s exactly what “sophomore slide” or “sophomore slump” is. Students have made it through freshman year with a routine which may have lead to less motivation than initially.

Sophomore’s grades are sliding in ways that may affect some negatively in the long run. It’s really easy to get caught up in the stereotype that “sophomore year isn’t important,” although I’d like to think otherwise. Sophomore year is the binding year. In ninth grade, you are just getting into the swing of things, and in tenth grade, it is your job to build on the content and knowledge you learned as a freshman to work toward your last years of high school.

Other factors, such as new grading systems, can also discourage students to thrive in their classes. Maxwell Martin,10, said “Since teachers aren’t making homework worth points in some classes I really slid down compared to last year.”

Although having responsibility for yourself is a great way to do well in school, the environment you are in can also affect your grades. New tactics are always being put into the school’s curriculum which can be stressful at times.

Remember, this is your future. Learn how to balance fun with work and even try merging the two things at times. Take time to reflect on choices you have made throughout the year. Be proactive and conduct a plan that will lead you to success with minimal stress.

Kaleb Jackson said, “Keep your head up, continue to try… persevere through it!”

So sophomores, make sure to stay motivated and well-aware, you’re halfway there!

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Sophomores Sliding