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Do You Feel Safe at Your Hospital?

Photographer: Dwight Burdette

Photographer: Dwight Burdette

Oakwood hospital in Dearborn, MI

Daija Talley, Staff Writer

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In January of 2012, Bimla Nayyar lost her life due to Dearborn’s Oakwood Hospital performing the wrong surgery. Nayyar was at the hospital to get surgery on her jaw but instead received brain surgery, where they drilled five holes in her brain and removed a portion of her skull.  The doctors continued on with the surgery until they realized that they had the wrong patient. Nayyar died 60 days later, leaving her loved ones sick at heart.  The family, represented by Geoffery Fieger, was awarded $21 million this year in compensation.

Many are shocked by this incident. “Even though the family was awarded 21 million, I know they’re still sad and hurt about the incident that happened, and just because they’re getting all this money from the hospital it won’t bring their loved one back,” Aaliyah Campbell, 9, said.

Should the doctors who did this get charged with murder?  Were they standing by their Hippocratic oath? There are many questions that can be asked and answered but it will not take away the fact that Bimla Nayyar received the wrong surgery and died.

“I feel like the doctors who made this mistake should not be punished because they have to live with the fact that they killed an innocent old lady,” Ravyn Gardner, 11, said. “So in my opinion that’s their punishment.”

Fieger spoke to the media about his case saying, “In my 37 years of law practice, I have never seen a more terrible, horrific case.”

Oakwood hospital has made mistakes like this more than once. The hospital has a recent history with medical malpractice lawsuits. In 2010 Oakwood allegedly made a similar mistake, giving a woman surgery on the wrong side of her brain. Also, a doctor was allegedly misdiagnosing children and putting pumps in their heads just to receive more money. This hospital has had a number of incidents over the years. Can their patients feel safe admitting there anymore?

Nayyar’s family would certainly say no.  Now, Nayyar’s husband, two daughters, son and many grandchild are traveling to India to spread her ashes in the holy river.

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Do You Feel Safe at Your Hospital?