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2015 Top Academics

Kiara Poole-Willis, Staff Writer

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Marina Kashat

Marina says her sister pushes her to be successful, as it’s not only about studying but also listening and taking notes while lectures are in session. Kashat managed to attain a job while getting good grades. She was part of Link Crew and Field Study groups. She will be attending Wayne State to continue her passion in the Medical Field. “Novels is my favorite class, especially with Mrs. Dean,” Marina,12, said as she talked about her favorite class throughout her high school career.

Katan Konaur

Konaur says his older siblings are who influenced him throughout schooling. Although he had a lot of activities, he still was able to accomplish school with a 4.0. Konaur has two different self- owned companies, both I-Phone apps called Gocomida and Vitalives. He will be attending the University of Michigan to study Engineering and Business.

Kate Kreiss

“I value my education and make good use of it,” Kreiss, 12 said. Kreiss is a very “Type A” person and is really engaged in school. Kreiss also was involved in marching band, school musicals, band and orchestra. Kreiss will be attending Kalamazoo, double majoring in Spanish and Theater Arts. Kreiss says her favorite class throughout her four years at HHS was Spanish and Environmental Science.

Danielle Levine

“Need help? ASK! Don’t take no for an answer!” Levine says to the incoming freshman. Levine states all of her positive influences came from herself and wanting to have a successful future. Levine was part of NHS, Spanish NHS, Enchantment and Medical Classes. Levine will be furthering her education at Oakland University, majoring in the medical field. Levine feels inspired by this quote by Jim Rohn: “Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.”

Rachel Lucas

Lucas had no problem coming up with her favorite class. “Medical Skills with Mrs. LaChance, of course,” Rachel, 12, said. Lucas is involved in NHS, as well as the pom pon team her freshmen and sophomore years. Lucas will be attending Michigan State studying the medical field. Rachel said, “I’m looking forward to going to Michigan State to further my education in the world. Being successful is my biggest wish for myself.” Lucas said that is what motivates her to get good grades.

Karma Patel

Patel says he earned his good grades by thinking about his future. He loves to think of how he drove himself to success. Throughout high school, Patel was involved in the basketball team, Link crew and was team captain in Robotics. He also was the President of NHS. Patel plans on attending University of Michigan Ann Arbor. He also applied to Stanford University for business. Patel would like to tell all the upcoming seniors: “Don’t chase fame, chase challenge, and success will follow.”

Jessica Ruona

Ruona has been on student council at HHS since her ninth grade year. She says from her freshman year to her senior year she has had great grades, so she had to keep it going. Ruona was the student council President and recently spoke at graduation. She was also a part of the musicals and cross country team. She will be attending University of Chicago where she will be double majoring, but is still unsure in what.

Alexandra Semposki

Semposki gives credit for having good grades to her motivation and her parents. Semposki said her favorite class was AP U.S. She will be attending Ohio University, even though she’s still undecided what she wants to major in. Semposki says she attained her GPA by studying- a lot. Semposki was a part of the Green Team, Interact Club, and most of the plays and musicals. She says one of her favorite quotes she follows is, “Anything worth doing, is worth doing well.”

Jacob Shulkin

“A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at Kickboxing,” Shulkin, 12, said,  joking about school. Shulkin said he carried his grades due to his parents and to keep ahigh standard. Shulkin said, “Achieving this goal, all I did was consume time with studying and hard work!” Shulkin is involved in theater, tennis, robotics and NHS. Shulkin will be attending U Of M, majoring in math and computer science. His favorite class throughout his four years at HHS was AP Physics with Mr.Dail.

Erin Smith

Believe it or not, Smith says her smartness is “inherited.” With hard work and scheduling her time equally, she achieved her goal to get a 4.0 GPA. Smith was involved in marching band, choir, tennis and school plays. In the Fall, Smith will be attending Kalamazoo for social science. Smith follows the Nike Slogan, “Just Do It!”

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2015 Top Academics