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Baseball Team Shocks FPS

Tyra Weeks, Writer

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Outrage struck on Twitter when screenshots surfaced of the members of  the Farmington baseball team’s Groupme last month. Screenshots of both racial and sexual slurs discussed within the chat had been aired, leaving many of FPS’ students furious and others shocked at what their peers really think.

While the comments were directed toward African American women; specifically at their outer appearances, it triggered people of many colors and backgrounds to chime in, not only standing up to express how the situation was disrespectful but also starting a conversation on society and what should be changed in this world.

Surprisingly, this also created unity between separate schools, genders, and grades. It allowed students a moment to share their situations on topics such as this  and how to overcome the situation, whether it be on social media, in a personal relationship, or in the workplace.

“ I was shocked by the situation but at the same time I wasn’t. Not everyone is who they portray themselves to be and I’m positive it happens all the time” Sydni Smith, 11 said.

“ I think they should have been excused from the baseball team at the very least. I was offended by it and it was poorly handled,” Kelsey Pakkala, 12 said.

As for the boys, administrative repercussions are unclear, but it was obviously shown by students that this type of behavior is not acceptable and does not match with the ideals of Farmington Public Schools.

“It was a horrible situation, but I was so happy to see the amount of people who stood behind the boy who exposed the groupchat and praised him for doing what was right. It was a brave act that I think woke everyone up and helped people realize this type of slander can come from anyone, even the people you least expect.” Nneka Ogbonnaya, 12 said.  



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Baseball Team Shocks FPS