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Ben Corsi, Staff Writer

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At HHS all of the teachers and students are starting to use technology more and more when it comes to documents, worksheets and other school uses. However the question is if the students would rather work online or get a physical copy of their work like school was before the use of the Internet.

“I would rather have a hard copy because if my power goes out I can still do my homework,” Emilio Gumma, 10 said.

“I like the online work better because it is easy to access and easier to do,” James George, 10 said.

“From the teacher because when you write things down you retain the information better,” Arjeta Bajramaj, 12 said.  “It hurts my eyes to stare at a computer for too long.”

The feelings between students have been mixed over if they would rather have an online or hard copy of homework. I agree that the work online is more easy to access and all around more convenient. However, I don’t like not being able to know if when I get home I will be able to to do my homework if the power is out or the Internet is down. I would say, more often than not, with an everyday assignment, I would prefer to have a hard copy as opposed to an online copy.

“I prefer one copy given in paper, for notes purposes, but then any additionally copies going online,” English teacher Mrs. Murphy said.  “Additional supplemental materials should go online only.”


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