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Why Us? (original poetry)

Tatiuanna Dobbs, Staff Writer

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We live in a world filled of hate.

We live in a world full of disgrace.

In our world, we glorify money, sex, and drugs.

We take advantage of our freedoms by not participating in anything.

We work so hard for the right to be able to vote and now that you’re 18 you won’t proudly go out and say I voted!

The spirit we have is negative, we don’t care about a thang.

It’s F… this and F… that.

Our world is screwed, but who is there to blame?

You! Me! Her! Him! Or Them!

The answer to that question is Us!

Sometimes we cannot handle the truth.

We never put ourselves in someone else’s shoes.

We are selfish!

We have been brainwashed by what we see on TV.

We want to have nice designer things but won’t work hard to get it.

Social media is killing us.

Why don’t you people get it?

Posting money, drugs, and guns doesn’t prove that you’re tough.

It lets others know you are follower.

Be yourself!

Be smart!

Despite our negatives we know how to create change.

That man on the corner asks for spare change.

Well, he might really need spare change.

Therefore create change, give him change.

What if that was you?

What would you do?

We are a team!

It’s time to bring back more of the good things.

Lend more helping hands.

Send our ambulance on time.

We need more patrol on the streets.

Let’s meet peace.

Where no matter your race you aren’t discriminated by the color of skin.

Let’s make Dr. King proud.

Show him that we can come together as family and friends.



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Why Us? (original poetry)