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Martinez Elicits Mixed Opinions on Return

Candyce Bradley, Staff Writer

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Image result for tigers detroitWith J.D. Martinez still awaiting playing time after injuring his right ankle in Lakeland, FL during spring training and the bench players performing at an extremely high level, fans begin to speculate how Martinez’s return will affect team chemistry, due to being missing for so long.

Tigers fans are split on how his return will affect the team’s overall play continuing forward with one Harrison student, DeSean stating that J.D. Martinez’s return would be a huge boost in team performance overall with his bat being back in the lineup and his solid fielding in the outfield. With that being said when questioned in regards to there being a structural weakness in that position currently, he had this to say, “Without a strong arm to stop runners from advancing there is a major hole in our defense,” DeSean Knight, 12 said.

Fans tend to be at odds on many occasions, this one being no exception.

Ben Goshorn, 12 had a different take on the team’s overall play, expressing his belief that the team will not receive a significant impact from his return.  “Right field is probably the least important position, so they aren’t missing much defensively.”

Time will only tell when Martinez will return to the starting lineup and the change’s effect on the team. For now the constant changing of the players will have to be enough for the Tigers to come out on top in the division. Without a stable player in the position it is possible to be missing out on a working portion of their defense. However, it is not guaranteed that Martinez will be 100 percent when he returns which isn’t exactly beneficial to the solid team at the current moment.  

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Martinez Elicits Mixed Opinions on Return